Ambedkar Jayanti Quotes, Wishes & Images 2022

Ambedkar Jayanti is an annual event commemorating Dr. BR Ambedkar on the 14th of April.

Dr. BR Ambedkar was born on April 14, 1891, and this date has been recognized as an official holiday not just in India but also across the world since 2015. Dr. Ambedkar was also awarded the Bharat Ratna on April 14, 1990.

Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar, often known as Baba Saheb Ambedkar across the world, was a social activist, politician, and jurist.

He was a renowned politician and lawyer who campaigned against societal problems like untouchability and caste limitations, which are still recognized today and are highly notable. As India’s first Law Minister in the Nehru Cabinet, he dedicated his life to fighting for the rights of the backward classes and Dalits.

He had faced a lot of caste difficulties and prejudice in society from his youth, and he subsequently resolved to fight against it and make India a better place to live for everyone.

Today, we are presenting some of the quotes given by Dr. B.R Ambedkar and Ambedkar Jayanti wishes for 2022.

Ambedkar Jayanti 2022

Every year on 14 April, Ambedkar Jayanti or Bhim Jayanti is celebrated to honor Dr. BR Ambedkar’s birth anniversary. The day is marked to honor Ambedkar’s essential contribution to India’s legal system and Constitution. In British Columbia, Canada, the day is also known as ‘Ambedkar Equality Day.’

Ambedkar, one of India’s most notable social reformers, is recognized for his struggle against the social ill of untouchability and the disparities created by India’s caste system. Ambedkar, who was born into a Dalit family, grew up witnessing his group being exploited and discriminated against, prompting him to embark on a lifetime struggle for equality.

Ambedkar Jayanti Quotes & wishes

Ambedkar Jayanti Quotes 2022

“I assess a community’s success by the amount of progress that women have made.”


“The sovereignty of all religious scriptures must cease if we are to have a united integrated contemporary India.”

Ambedkar Jayanti Quotes & Wishes

“If you want to live a decent life, you should believe in self-help, which is the finest aid.”


“Mind cultivation should be the ultimate goal of human existence.”


“If I find the constitution being misused, I shall be the first to burn it.”


“The sovereignty of all religious scriptures must cease if we are to have a united and integrated contemporary India.”


Ambedkar Jayanti Quotes

“If I discover that the constitution is being abused, I will be the first to burn it.”


“A great person varies from an illustrious person in that he is eager to help society. A great man is not the same as a famous person.”


“In this Ambedkar Jayanti, may the spirit of self-confidence and resistance against injustice be with us. Happy Ambedkar Jayanti to everyone!”


“On the occasion of Dr. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar’s birthday, may we learn from him the spirit of self-assurance and will to oppose injustice! Happy Bhimrao Ambedkar Jayanti 2022!”

So these were some of the Ambedkar Jayanti Quotes, Wishes and Images that we had for you on this precious day of Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar.

Lastly, we wish you a Happy Ambedkar Jayanti. Jay Hind.

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